How To Package Air Conditioning Maintenance

Commercial Air conditioners need maintenance too. In this video we clean and check 9 air conditioners on 1 roof and go through a maintenance check before summer. This customer said the last company was here every week. So when we take over we want a good fresh start. Clean units and fresh capacitors will make these units last as long as god will allow.

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  3. I would have liked Miachel Bolton background music.
    The COVID -19 background music is tuff to deal with 😆 lol
    All in all, good and informative.

  4. Hell yeah im repacking the cheap Chinese contactor and. Capacitors they’re cheap might as well

  5. There’s everything on YouTube these days. I never thought I could find videos of guys doing what I do to make a living it’s strange

  6. Good teacher man thorough explanations. Along with the gestures to follow up. Your employee/apprentice I hope he's grateful that's the best way to learn.

  7. I was in dislike mode from the beginning. But when i saw the makita impact… subscribed, let anyone one know, and great video!

  8. The humidity can't be that bad in Vegas, is it? I mean the dew point there is usually in the 20's.

  9. Good vid on general maintenance. Would have liked to see the numbers before cleaning all the coils.

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