How to Paint a Ceiling | Benjamin Moore

Painting your ceiling can seem like a tough task. Learn the best way to paint a ceiling with our simple steps. Keep in mind that the ceiling should be done prior to painting the walls. You will need a two and a half inch angle sash brush, painters tape, a nine-inch roller sleeve, an extension pole, a pan, a ladder, and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint.

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25 Replies to “How to Paint a Ceiling | Benjamin Moore”

  1. How to paint a long ceiling , about 21long and 7 meters wide meters long ? It is not possible to paint it in one seasion

  2. Not very impressed with your K508 1x ultra flat ceiling paint. Not only was the coverage estimate quite wrong (was told 2, ended up with 7!), but application was incredibly challenging with this product. I needed 3 coats on my fully primered basement ceiling. Results were areas of flashing and shadow boxing all over. It was only after our 3rd coat and a very careful and precise application of the paint did we achieve some limited success. For the price I paid for this product, I expected better results. Very disappointed and will probably not use a BM product again. Too fickle to work with.

  3. We are using delphinium blue for walls it appears cool. What white ceiling paints do you recommend to compliment? The lighting for the room will be daylight so bright. I don't want the ceiling paint to be too white though that would hurt my eyes. Please help.

  4. Friendly tips! I would have use the Richard 2 1/2 gooseneck flexible paint brush extension to cut around the ceiling! Also I would have recommended a 15 to 20 mil nap to avoid lap marks! Another tip when painting a ceiling do not stretch the paint! Cheers!

  5. I just talked to my friend about how difficult ceiling painting is in the morning. Now I see this ads. You tell me Siri is not spying on me? This is spooky. The era of personal privacy is over.

  6. If you need this level of instruction you need to get help, professional help!

  7. Yes I calling Valarie and leaving messages about it all… AM I LYING????????

  8. WOW – I just learned how to be an expert ceiling painter in one minute thirty eight seconds.!!

  9. How to not step in the paint pan while looking up painting the ceiling? Lol????????


  11. A pan?, a freakin’ pan ? Pans r for cooking pizza ????. Use a 5 gal. Bucket w a metal paint grid inside. Ya buffoons????????????

  12. How do I get here? It’s 3 in the damn morning.

    I didn’t say it was bad or anything, I need to watch MOORE of this.

  13. Now is this a fucking joke or what I’m a retired painter that’s not how we did them !!!! I sprayed kilze this phone won’t let me spell it primer on a a white cealeing and that was it !!!!!!!!

  14. I been sloppin paint for 30 years and I use Glidden from Home Depot. Take it from a pro, Glidden is as good as any interior paint. For exterior go to Miller.

  15. Hahaha Benjamin Moore doesn't even know how to paint a ceiling. That's why I buy sw

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