How To Paint Cabinets

Cabinets looking tired? Watch to learn how to paint kitchen cabinets like a pro. Step-by-step project details + tools & materials here:

00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – Before You Start
01:03 – Preparing To Paint
01:38 – Clean Cabinets
01:51 – Fill Holes and Gauges
02:28 – Protect Surfaces
02:38 – Sand Cabinets
03:18 – Prime Cabinets
04:21 – Paint Inside of Cabinets
04:46 – Paint Drawers and Door Fronts
06:21 – Paint Cabinets
07:23 – Add Polyurethane
07:34 – Reassemble Cabinets

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17 Replies to “How To Paint Cabinets”

  1. She said out of date those look like they be in date more than the white ones ????.

  2. It's a LOT harder than the video makes it out to be. It is impossible to get a clean smooth quality finish at a DIY level unless you spend $$$ on a contractor or use very expensive professional sprayer guns and paint.

  3. Spray people spray!!! Will save you hours alot of tapering off but will look better also

  4. Most of the videos, including this one, always introduce the "cleaning" step at first, then later sanding, etc. I personally believe this sequence instead: patching, sanding, cleaning, priming, sanding, painting, sanding, painting.. The "cleaning" first is 1000% a waste of time.

  5. Benjamin Moore has the best Primer( stix) and the best paint for cabinets (Advance) you do not want to leave brush nor roller marks on you cabinets. Don't ruin you cabinets pay a professional

  6. With each Cabinet I finish, a new experience I have. Years after years of experience with Cabinet Refinish, the conclusion is always perfect. Congratulations, a wonderful job.
    Boston, MA.

  7. For the love of a smooth finish, DO NOT PAINT YOUR CABINETS LIKE THIS!

  8. That's a huge waste of that painters tape labeling cabinets & hardware. You could use sticky notes or plain old white notebook paper. Just wedge each piece in somewhere in the cabinet. And stick a piece of paper in folding sandwich bags or plastic grocery bags you can save. This video is an excuse to buy more painters tape at lowes

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