How to Poach Eggs with Plastic Wrap

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Learn the chef’s secret to perfect, poached eggs every time.

Step 1: Boil water
Bring a large pan of water to boil.

Step 2: Line ramekin with plastic wrap
Line the ramekin with plastic wrap. Spray the plastic wrap with cooking spray, and crack an egg into the center.

If you don’t have cooking spray, use butter

Step 3: Tie a knot above the egg
Gather the 4 corners of the plastic wrap together in the center. Pinch the wrap just above the egg and twist the wrap ends into a rope. Tie a knot just above the egg.

Step 4: Cook egg for five minutes
Place the egg in the plastic wrap into the boiling water. Cook the egg for 5 minutes.

Step 5: Remove egg from water and enjoy
Remove the egg with a slotted spoon. Cut the wrap just below the knot and put your beautifully poached egg into a serving bowl, and enjoy.

Did You Know?
The Lung Association of Brockville, Ontario, set the world record for the largest omelet, making one that weighed 6,510 pounds in 2002.

20 Replies to “How to Poach Eggs with Plastic Wrap”

  1. Please don't bring to a full boil. I like it to be starting to roll but stil with small bubbles. For hard poaching boiling would be ok

  2. Are you kidding! It's 2017, we all know heating plastic and having it in contact with food leaches chemicals into the food, especially plastic wrap! Your video is irresponsible!

  3. Actually this is not poaching. It's boiling in plastic as opposed to the shell. An egg cooked this way will not have the delicate overly hydrated texture of one truly poached. Nor will it take on flavor if the egg is poached in stock or other flavored liquids.

    YouTube is host to a ton of folks trying to finesse their way out of a technique that requires finesse. Use plastic. Use vinegar. Put a vortex in the pan. Strain off the loose whites. None of that will work. Poaching is a "learn the hard way" affair. Just get some eggs and get started. The errors you make on the first try will guide your second effort. As the second will guide the third. Some rules do apply. Use very cold eggs ( they stay together better as the whites are thicker ). keep water at about 200 F or so. Gently pour in the eggs and leave them alone. The rest you get via hard knocks.

  4. seriously, how many chefs have the time to use plastic wrap? Its a little trick for the home

  5. Maybe it is my plastic wrap, but I remember putting plastic wrap over bacon in the microwave for 7 minutes, and when i took it out, the plastic wrap was melted into the bacon. This I am not too sure of.

  6. this if effin genius! works PERFECTLY! only problem with this video is the dude's HORRIBLE hand tattoo #poorchoice

  7. Completely safe is your worry is whether it will melt. You can even microwave it and it won't melt. I learned that when I tried to ruin my brother's microwave on purpose xD

  8. @xXMINECRAFTRULEZXx hey hey hey don't be calling me stupid i never knew and i'm 12 in GATE class so shut your pie hole

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