How to Prank Someone's Food for April Fool's Day

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Watch what you eat – this is a day people play pranks on their family and friends.

Step 1: Make chocolate-covered garlic
Prepare chocolate-covered garlic cloves and pass them off as chocolate-covered peanuts.

Try not to laugh or look suspicious before a prank.

Step 2: Make caramel onions
Make caramel onions instead of caramel apples. Insert a popsicle stick and add a few nuts on top.

Step 3: Sew a chicken
Sew extra chicken legs on a whole chicken before serving.

Step 4: Give someone saltwater
Put salt in someone’s water; then sit back and watch their face.

Step 5: Stuff raisins in a toothpaste tube
Stuff raisins into a toothpaste tube and watch people’s reaction when they squeeze the tube.

Step 6: Switch cereal bags
Switch the bags in your family’s cereal boxes for a breakfast surprise.

Step 7: Add food coloring to milk
Add a few drops of purple or blue food coloring to someone’s milk and serve it with a cookie.

Did You Know?
Anthropologists have suggested that practical jokes often function as an effort to bring an outsider into a group.

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  1. step 1 put a tick (bug) in an apple
    step 2 cover it with paper
    step 3 watch them die

  2. Practical jokes or pranks are a symptom of mental illness, particularly sadism. It is also a good way to lose trust and friends who will never forget. Also, may get your teeth knocked out.

  3. this channel should be watched more than "HowToBasic", they dont do anything right, like they make a picture about it, then they scam u

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