How To Read People Without Them Knowing

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Fans love Sherlock Holmes for his ability to notice things that most people ignore. While Sherlock is a fictional character, there are ways you can learn to read people in real life to better understand what they’re thinking and feeling without them saying a word. No individual read will be foolproof, but together they can start to paint a picture for you.


0:00 – Intro.
0:56 – #1: Reading other people’s interest.
1:45 – #2: Take note of the direction someone’s feet are pointing.
3:12 – #3: Read their emotions.
3:49 – #4: Look for micro expressions on their face.
5:54 – #5: Their breathing shifts from their belly to their chest.

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16 Replies to “How To Read People Without Them Knowing”

  1. Have you ever looked at the show ‘Lie to Me’ great for the micro expression

  2. bruh, Sherlock Holmes observes everything else about a person because he CAN'T intuitively read their emotions and expressions.

  3. 5:09 and 5:16 He would not win that by being so meek, Rob had total control on that. If you don't have the balls to get into a tense exchange like that – crisis negotiation type – don't get yourself into that.

  4. 4:39 Or since he's an actor, a master of faking it, he reeeally knows how to use body language to scream messages even if he doesn't actually feels this way, you can see this when he was really pissed at the end of the interview, he could be very well faking it, exaggering it, using intimidation as a weapon (Tywin style, specially book Tywin) and not being that angry.

  5. 4:18 You can probably fake this too by becoming a good actor and use this as a weapon (Kira style). Especially if you establish yourself as someone inexpressive.

  6. That guy that made Robert Downey Jr. uncomfortable was the same guy richard Ayoade trolled in an interview. haha! I get now why he did that.

  7. The kaput mimosa proportionately cycle because pancake rahilly heat towards a judicious badger. attractive, lethal country

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