How to Save Onion Seeds So You Never Buy Them Again

Saving seeds can be one of the most empowering and money saving tricks in the whole garden. In today’s episode I will be showing you how to save your very own onion seed! 

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11 Replies to “How to Save Onion Seeds So You Never Buy Them Again”

  1. Seed saving is great! I have been looking at the orange butterfly flowers on the roadside and planning on getting some seeds when the time is right 😁🍀💚

  2. In the fall, one can plant for next year's seed, a few of the whole onions harvested for table this year.

    I've found that seed that falls easily from the seed head has a higher germination rate than the seed that needs to be coaxed out of the head. To increase the yield of these fully mature seeds, I tie PAPER bags over seed heads that show perhaps 10-25% open seed pods. The bag opening is secures with string. Pollination is over by and the head can dry out completely before harvest of the seed.

    Onion seed viability is relatively short, so store the seed, tightly sealed, in a refrigerator or better yet in a freezer. This is less important if one intends to produce/collect seed each year … but seed crop failures DO happen

  3. So our bunching onions have produced those flowers but none have the black seeds. Is it too early? 1st year jitters?

  4. My carrots went to seed, same thing? About 4+ feet tall 🙁 & I know I can't eat them now…

  5. Very nice video. Do onions cross pollinate?
    Here in 5a WI we are in drought also. We are in an area that the clouds split when they get here and we get no rain. All of us will have some dry hot days ahead for at least a week. I think it's time to pull the shade fabric over the tomatoes and peppers.

  6. You're just amazing, Luke.

    This year has been so weird. First year onions (and carrots, but that's quite normal ey) are flowering. I've decided to be cool with anything the garden throws at me this year. Something is better than nothing. Also, my first time saving onion seeds. So excited!

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