How to Say अक्सर, हमेशा, शायद ही कभी in English | Speaking Practice & Vocabulary from Hindi | Awal

Learn how to say अक्सर, हमेशा, कभी कबार, कभी नहीं, शायद ही कभी, बहुत बार, बहुत कम, etc. in English. Learn 10 daily English conversation words with meaning in Hindi, along with example sentences with subtitles, in this Hindi to English lesson by Awal.

If you want to be fluent in spoken English, you have to know the right translation for sentences that you use in your own language. The 10 words taught in this video are also called as Adverbs of Frequency, because you use these words to tell someone how frequently something is done. Awal has also provided full form and meaning of FAQ in this video. Increase your vocabulary, learn new words and improve your English speaking skills through this video.

This video is helpful for beginners as well as others to learn the translation of Hindi words to English words, improve vocabulary by knowing new English words, and practicing sentences to have conversation with people in English confidently and fluently.

This video is in simple Hindi / Urdu for Indians, Pakistanis and anyone who can understand Hindi. This video will help you in daily use English practice with translation from Hindi.

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  2. Sir plz simple past indefinite ke only postive sentence ki video bna do🙏 Interogative aur negtive nhi

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