How to Sharpen a Push Reel Mower: Scotts Classic

This video shows how easy it is to install and use a Scotts Classic Sharpening Kit for your Scotts Classic Reel Mower with 20″ blades. This kit is easy to use, and will sharpen any dull blades on your Scotts Classic push mower, or reel mower with 18-20 inch blades.

There is more information about the sharpening kit at the link provided at the top of the “about me” section. A reel mower is a great way to get your lawn looking great, yet still maintain an eco friendly way of mowing.

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  1. I trust this man's word not for his knowledge, but his shoe selection. He's a man of wisdom.

  2. You made a mistake……..You said the rear counter-clockwise which you turned it clockwise and the front you turned counter-clockwise

  3. That was a LOUSY, LAZY, demonstration! Seriously! That is the Best that you Guys, could do? smh! Very Disappointing for A Big Name Product…

  4. I bought 2 a month ago – & me & Godson or nephew have our grass looking like a golf course ⛳️⛳️⛳️. Alil sharpening to get it looking even better it what I need

  5. This makes doing the yard a whole lot of scissoring fun.🌼 You must grease it every single time you use it. Just grab your spray grease and go to town on the thing prior to each grass cutting session. You will not be sorry! The grass gets sliced very well. Just be aware that this is a good work out because you need to go over your yard in every possible direction to get it looking like an electric or gas powered mower look. If you are okay with it just looking decent, you can get away with doing it with one pass, but we usually go one direction then like a clock go around the yard until it's done. The height adjustments work well when I skip a week or two. Then just bring it down a notch. Very handy! Be careful of to tighten the screw knobs before and after each use or you will end up searching the lawn for them!

  6. Excuse me, but your website (CleanairGardening) doesn't seem to work. I got "Page Not Found" when clicking the link.

  7. Quiero saber si se consiguen las ruedas de esta corta pasto o en dónde puedo conseguir las ruedas

  8. With this reel mower, you can't use the other "normal" method of sharpening that most of the comments here are talking about that involves flipping over the gear behind the wheel, because the gears on this mower will not fit when reversed. They have a pin-lock system on one side of the gear that prevents the blades from spinning if the mower is pulled backwards, and if you pull the gear off and flip it over, the gear teeth can't engage the teeth on the wheel so pushing the mower then does nothing. Thus, you need this special sharpening method.

  9. I love the riding lawn mower.>>>  It operates and mows well. It is the appropriate size for my small lot. Starts easily and started right out of the crate. I have had no mechanical problems with the mower. I am  very happy with the mower and very pleasant and to my complete satisfaction.

  10. I would ask a couple of questions, but I see that none of them are being answered by the poster of this video.

  11. I've seen one with a putty that they put on the blade and crank it to sharpen. what one is better or do they do the same job?

  12. I have been trying to adjust my Scott's mower for a while. The edges cut OK but the middle leaves a strip no matter how might I make the screws, even to the point they click. If I sharpen my blades will this help fix this problem?

  13. Every reel mower I've owned in the past was self sharpening, including ones from the 80s. Why does this one require a kit?

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