How to Solder Electronics

Free version: (youtube won’t let me change this back to free, that video is the same)

Recommended Products:
chipquik removal kit, lead free:
rma flux pen:
paste flux pen (gel is easier sometimes):
hakko tip cleaner:
lead-free solder:
lead-free solder: smaller qty:
10x magnifying loupe:
solder paste syringe lead-free:

Why won’t solder stick to your iron or parts? What do good joints look like? And bad ones?

Learn how to make a “heat bridge”–the most important technique to soldering a joint that beginners usually skip. What size and shape tip should you use? Are the fumes harmful? And do they contain lead? How to help prolong tip life? What is flux and why is it the key to soldering?


“My 10 years of soldering experience basically come down to these 6-something minutes.”

“In 6 minutes you gave this novice everything I need to know about taking on a basic soldering project. Clean explanations, clearly articulated, supported with great video clips and images. Well done!” – Jerry Nordstrom

“Great job – well researched and executed with lots of attention to the all-important details. The audio is very clear, as are the video close-up shots. I have many years of soldering experience – but I still learned something new!” – MrDexterToYou

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  1. wow paid videos are now a thing? fuck you, if you want money you'll have to go with the hassle of opening physical lessons for real people, this is the internet, here help is free

  2. Excellent video. In less than ten minutes I have a way better understanding of the soldering process for thru holes than I ever have. Excellent narration and technique. Is there a video that shows the correct method to solder 24AWG stranded wire to metal core printed circuit board solder pads?

  3. my teacher recommended this video to us, didn't really expect i had to pay for it since we are supposed to have course material for free. but oh well, i guess it's a good video.

  4. OMG…this is awesome idea GOOGLE!  what took you so long?  How do I get in on this deal?  I have so many things I want to share but would like to get paid!!!  The water company here in California has been charging me for months through the water bill just to take a shit.  Why shouldn't Google and I get in on this deal as well.

  5. I understand it's your choice to not let this video for free anymore. 

    We used it for teaching purposes for a lot of years, now it's no longer available outside the States. We will now revert to whiteboard drawings, since no videos covers everything as well as you did. A pity.

  6. I think sandpaper is overkill, an ordinary pink pencil eraser is equally as effective if you need to get superficial oxidation off of leads and pads.

  7. how many watt should soldering iron be? i got a 60 wat, plug directly to wall outlet, without temp control, i used some new tips, but some how, each tips could work just 2-3 times, after that, the tip turned black and it can't hold solder on it, solder melt, turn into balls and fall off. I DID tin the tip, but after soldering some joints, it's like i can't keep the tip "alive" 🙁 i hardly do any work with this soldering iron. So here i got some question:
    1. Is 60 wat too hot for the tip so it burn the coatiing layer on the tip?
    2. Is there a chance that i got the wrong type of tips because infact the tip is a little smaller than the soldering itself, but it's the only one available in my area?
    3. Shoul I use a potentiometer to directly control the current, then i can control the temp?

  8. Shouldn't it also explain that there is an L in solder. It is not soddering.

  9. So I work on cell phones and just had to pass up on two jobs that needed soldering. If you were to give me a list of stuff to get what should I get.

    Thanks for your time.

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