HOW TO: Sugar Effect Nails

My info:
Instagram: @gleensz_infinity
Facebook: @infinity nail

Products I used:

– Alcohol
– 100/180 hand file
– UV Top coat

Young Nails:
– Protein Bond
– Speed clear powder
– Nail liquid
– Brush on glue

Nail xl:
– Gelish gelpolish (number 1520)
– Clear tips

– E-file: Mani pro passport
– Sanding bands

– Ceramic bit
– Holographic glitters

Nail Findz:
-#16 Kolinsky brush

16 Replies to “HOW TO: Sugar Effect Nails”

  1. Hi I know I’m so many years later but how long did this last? nails from 2 days ago with the sugar coating didn’t last longer than a couple hours when I left the salon.. now I can’t go back to touch up bc they are booked & I can’t get back in. But I’m trying to do this myself but what is the polish you used to make the sugar glitter stay on? & how long did this last you?

  2. This is amazing
    You’re so talented girl! Where do you live? Can I be one of your clients?! You’re fantastic !

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