How to Survive in the Desert without Water

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Don’t trust mirages; if you need to survive in the desert without water, these tips could save your life.

Step 1: Don’t eat
Avoid eating as much as possible. You can survive longer without food than without water, and the digestive process uses water.

Step 2: Try not to sweat
Minimize perspiration by relegating physical activity to nighttime. And keep your clothing on — it helps slow the evaporation of your sweat. Wrap a piece of fabric around your head if you don’t have a hat. Using your urine to dampen your clothes will further reduce sweating.

Don’t drink your urine; your body will use more water to remove the waste material than it will gain.

Step 3: Dig for water
If you spot any green plants or dry lake beds, dig there until the soil becomes moist, and wait for water to seep into the hole. It may provide enough water to survive in the desert until you get out or are rescued.

Step 4: Forget about cactus
Forget the myth about getting water from a cactus: You’ll probably lose more hydration from the ensuing vomiting than you’ll gain from the few drops you manage to drink.

Step 5: Follow bees
Look for flies or mosquitoes, which means water is nearby. If you see a bee, follow it; bees fly in a straight line to and from water, so it will lead you right to a source.

Did You Know?
An Austrian teenager survived a record 18 days without food or water in 1979, when police forgot they’d put him in a holding cell.

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  1. How TF are we supposed to follow a BEE? Is this just a joke? You cant FOLLOW A BEE. Anybody here, do you think you can follow a bee for more than a yard at best? ????

  2. Anyone else currently stranded in the desert thirsty and searched this up?

  3. That statement @ 0:50 just made Bear Gyrlls shed a tear. But I'm sure he gave a toast to the narrator anyway and chugged down a pint of his special yellow foamy drink anyway ????

  4. Step 1 live in Arizona.
    Step two get in your house
    Step three turn on the air conditioner
    Step four you are done

  5. I can just imagine someone in the middle of the desert or something with there phone just walking around and listen to the video ????????

  6. This was filmed on a Beach! Now we can't survive cause these people are scamming us! >:(

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