How To Tell If A LifeProof Case Is Fake for iPhone

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***An in-depth comparison between a real, and a fake, LifeProof Case by Fre. Comparisons between the boxes, and the actual LifeProof Cases***

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22 Replies to “How To Tell If A LifeProof Case Is Fake for iPhone”

  1. This explains why my first three cases were great and my current one I bought on eBay for an “incredible” deal is a pile of shit.

  2. The fake ones are just as good! I did a 30 foot drop test on both the real and the fake, damage to case not phone on both.
    waterproof also the same.

  3. Mine is fake. It’s a little older, for 7 plus, but the icons for YT, FB & Twitter are in black & white. And people cannot hear me if I have the case on without earphones in.

  4. My sister can't use the mute switch on here but she got it from T-Mobile when she purchased the phone is it possible hers is fake?

  5. I bought a lifeproof case for my husband I went to any phone shop and I think it was fake because once my husband wanted to test it he threw it to the floor and the phone into pieces and it wasn't cheap I got it for $90 ?

  6. First of all the easiest way to tell is to just look for the trademark logo. There should be a little logo right next to the word "LifeProof" on the front of the box. Second, I just bought one off of amazon. Is it possible that this is a fake? If it is fake, will it work the same way as a real one?

  7. one time i was buying an iphone and it was fake i told the the the guy the iphone its fake he no no no no its very fine ok let me see at that moment he was shock i even called the police on him cuse the iphone was 1709 thoused dollors bruh thanks to a video i watched 🙂

  8. I don't have an apple logo on mien but I got it from at. & t but the company is real

  9. Another way to tell is in the real one beside the word lifeproof on the box has a R, the fake one shouldn't.

  10. I just bought a purple one for $60.99 off of Amazon. But I bought it directly from Amazon, not another party. Amazon should know not to sell fake ones, right? I haven't gotten it yet. I'm nervous.

  11. Can I still take the fake one under water and stuff ? Or does it not work the same way

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