How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outside

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Find freedom from constantly changing the box with tips to get kitty to do her business outside.

Step 1: Move the litter box
Move the litter box close to the door the cat will use to go outside. Show the cat the new location of their litter box. Keep the box there for a few weeks until they are familiar with the location.

Step 2: Add dirt and leaves
Add some dirt and leaves to the box to introduce the elements of the outdoors to your cat’s bathroom experience.

Step 3: Move the box outside
Move the box just outside the door. Gently pick your kitty up and place them in the box, if they are hesitant to use it. Add more dirt and leaves to the box to blend in with the outdoor elements.

Consider adding a pet door to their exit door for easier access.

Step 4: Gradually move the box
Gradually move the box farther from the door over several days once they’re using the box outside regularly. This will get your cat used to being further away from the house.

Step 5: Remove the box
Remove the box and sprinkle some litter on the ground in the place you want your cat to relieve itself. Once your cat is used to going outside, you may place a box indoors for those times when your cat doesn’t have outdoor access. Now revel in the joy of not having the clean the litter box anymore!

Did You Know?
The first cat litter, called Kitty Litter, was invented in 1947. Before that time, people used sand or ashes in litter boxes.

14 Replies to “How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outside”

  1. My kitten loves to poop on the floor and I tried to train her to go outside for toilet business..but she still pooping on the floor

    What should I do?

  2. Not working I put mud in the poop and then tried put poop in the garden but they got used to floor in the rain… help

  3. I followed these instructions. But she pooped in my dogs bed inside last night ???? things were going well up til now. Any thoughts or advice?

  4. My dad yelled at me this morning because my room apparently reeks of cat poo. ( I went outside and cleaned the litter box and then went back in my room and didn’t smell a thing.) he told me he was going to throw the litter box out (a threat I’ve heard a million times that has yet to be executed). We do plan on having my two kittens be outdoor cats like our two bigger ones but right now they are just too small, they can’t tip the scale at five pounds. It’s going to be a while longer before I’m comfortable letting them outside but it will probably happen sooner than I think so I’m here trying to get used to it so it isn’t such a big shock when it happens.

  5. So the cats are peeing and pooping in your or someone else's garden. How smart and kind

  6. No matter what I do….I can't jouse train my cat….she won't use a litter box….pads…nothing….I have no choice now but to get rid of her…..she keeps soiling on the carpet and stinks to high heaven.

  7. Don’t have nor can I have a damn pet door…. Wouldn’t other animals be able to get in? Wtf what other damn option is there without a “pet door”

  8. I think all cats naturally prefer to toilet outside unless the weather is really awful. My cats had been indoor cats for their previous owner and once they were allowed out at my house, they never used the litter tray again, so I just removed it after a week or so.

  9. guys, find a video from a real cat expert. not Howcast. Howcast may have known how to teach me to kiss a girl, but they clearly have no clue how to outside train a cat.

  10. easiest way to train a cat to go outside: If you already own a dog and a dog door you pretty much have to do nothing, the kitten will follow the dog.

  11. I WISH IT WAS THAT SIMPLE, with my cat i have put the litter tray inside near the cat door and she go's in it just fine, but as soon as i put the litter tray just outside the cat door she go anywhere inside the house (including crapping my bed). The only why i can get her to not go allover the inside of the house is to use a litter tray inside, but i have had enough of constantly cleaning it and paying for kitty litter. I just want her to go outside.

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