How to Upgrade your Laptop Memory

Learn how to upgrade your RAM memory for a typical laptop or notebook computer. In this example, we show you how to install memory in a Compaq Presario laptop. Upgrading your laptop memory is easy to do and an inexpensive way to improve the performance of your laptop.

This video will answer the question, How do I add memory to my laptop computer? by showing you the simple steps to install new RAM or upgrade your existing computer for improved performance.

EDGE Tech Corp is a leading supplier of memory upgrades for laptop and notebook computers. For additional information on how to install memory, or help finding memory for your laptop please visit There you will find technical support information and links to find 100% compatible memory upgrades for popular laptop computers like Dell Inspiron, Dell Latitude, Compaq Presario, Apple iBook, MacBook, Toshiba Satellite, HP Pavilion, and ThinkPad.

18 Replies to “How to Upgrade your Laptop Memory”

  1. can someone tell me if i can take out my brothers laptop memory card and install it on my computer and will it increase?

    will this work?

  2. Hello. Where could I find more ram for this exact model. Such as 4 gb of ram?

  3. Any laptop made from 2010 and up requires "professional help" or you'll have to buy the tools now.

  4. If I've found a ram card with the model, PCxxxx, frequency and capacity being similar to the card I have in my computer, will the ram fit regardless of any other factors?

  5. He bought a new one. Taking it out and putting it back in won't do anything. 🙂

  6. check the exact code on the back, like mine is a compaq presario v5015ca , only has ddr1 not 2, @ 333, google is awesome

  7. wait did he buy a new memory chip? or did he take out the old one and then put it back in??

  8. 0:13 "Process is fairly simple…" Process is too hard dick got caught in ceiling fan.

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