[How To] Use GameRanger To Play Supported LAN Games Online Tutorial

Gameranger is a VPN type gaming program that allows you to take supported games with LAN functionality and put your game servers online for other gameranger users to connect to you, or for you to connect to them.

With gamespy gone, gameranger is just one alternative (not necessarily the best). Check it out for yourself and see what you are missing.
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28 Replies to “[How To] Use GameRanger To Play Supported LAN Games Online Tutorial”

  1. I have an issue. when the host starts the game , frozen throne starts and goes to the joing games page, but i dont see their game ,or any game, in the list of games to join.

  2. Good tutorial, but I have a question, when I create a room to play age of empires 2 with someone from the same red it keeps loading, however, if I can join other servers, help me pls.

  3. I'm trying to use GameRanger to play through Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 with a friend. Neither of us have played the game since we were teens and are eager to play through them again together however when I try to add either game to GameRanger I get an "Invalid Selection" when I try to add the .exe application to the game list. Any ideas why, or how to fix it?

  4. is it susceptible to hacks ? i mean other programs have a risk of getting hacked, so based on your experience with the program, is it safe?

  5. I'm trying to do this with Sid Meier's Railroads but the game doesn't start automatically for my friend. It just says waiting for host for him after I press "start" and my game starts. He tried to start his game manually after I created a local host game but he cannot see it under the LAN tab?

  6. GameRanger fucking sucks. I can never get ANYBODY to play ANYTHING, whether it be Diablo or FPS games. It's like everybody who plays on fucking GameRanger only plays for some fucked up SINGLE-MULTIPLAYER whatever experience.

  7. Does it make a vitual secound Ip? Or its just requires to install the program? In ask it becaise Hamachi makess mmy internet connection fault and same on my dude computer. Thats why we are looking for alternatives. If someone meet with same problem on this app, pls let me know! Thank you!

  8. I hve a promblem so,my friend hosts a server and i join the lobby he hits the start button and he gets in warcraft and clicks local area network and it autommaticaly makes a server for him,and then my game joins and i cant find his server,i type his gameranger name in player name i try so hard but idk man there must be a problem we even play on rhe same version

  9. When i do this for flatout in Windows 10 When i join the game they said party is now unvailable any solution

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