23 Replies to “How to whisk correctly #lifehacks #shorts #cooking”

  1. If by god you have to make a meriengue by hand, use anything that isnt plastic for mixing and the bowl. Plastic absorbs fat on a molecular level, and your plastic utensils have likely absorbed fat from butters, sauces, creams anything. Use metal or glass!

  2. It ain't whisking if you're not beating the shit out of it like lives are at stake. Or was that something else?

  3. Just letting you know, I started watching you in the beginning of this year. I love your content, your really good, you give positive genuine vibes, and your content is really helpful! Keep killing bruh!! You are Star

  4. I like these quick tutorials. Everyone just assumes you know how to wish properly. And yes I have had the burning arm muscle technique.

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