How water helps roast meat (also why Adam won't say A!&FRY*R)

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16 Replies to “How water helps roast meat (also why Adam won't say A!&FRY*R)”

  1. thumbnail says juciest, not juiciest. this is surely the greatest mistake of your career, adam.

  2. Is the whole video an advertisement? Or only part? (Just started watching)

  3. I loved the twenty seconds about hand washing as the old school ragusea that we all love. I have no interest in paid shenanigans. I feel you are quite rapidly losing quality in your videos.

  4. I've had fantastic luck with immersion circulators (sous vide). I remember like 7 or 8 years ago getting into that was hard but I got a cheap Anova circulator for like $100 with like a couple hundred sous vise bags for $20 and a amall vacuum sealed for $30. Works like a charm.

  5. Adam Ragusea doing kickstarter product reviews, how the might have fallen.

  6. Just the fact that they use the term "atomized water" makes me cringe… Atomization would mean, that they'd literally break the bonds between the Oxygen and the Hydrogen Atoms in water, which would be quite explosive if they actually did that. I assume they mean that they finely disperse the water and they seem to claim that they do that up to the point where they have individual water molecules or something… I don't know… Either way they're making mist or water vapor and trying to sound fancy…

  7. I don’t get it, I know none of us wants dry food, but who wants meats that’s dripping wet? Especially chicken where the juices taste bad.

  8. I like how you try to save on hand washing, but then rub your oily chicken-fingrers over _everything_. You now have to wash that too…

  9. Absolutely love all the lying by omission you're doing for this ad Adam.
    Totally doesn't make me question your legitimacy or willingness to lie to your audience in other videos.
    No no not at all.

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