HTC One M8 GPE Android 5.0 Lollipop rom install and overview

HTC One M8 GPE Android 5.0 Lollipop rom install and overview. click show more for all the links you will need to get this awesome rom install

Link to XDA thread for this Lollipop rom
Link to my site where you can find my playlist on this device

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How to install Android Device drivers
Why Root Android devices video
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  1. hey i need hepl i have htc one m8 and the software is windows 8.1 but i want to install new andriod version
    my gmail is = mk7496338 plz send the message to my gmail or here

  2. hi..pls help me to find a way to go back my HTC one m8 in stock OS..when I reset it I deleted all my files by advance wipe..i wiped all the data about my phone without backing up..i don't know where to find an OS for my HTC one m8…pls help me..thanx

  3. How about this: i accidentally deleted the android OS from the system. How do I reinstall the android back?

  4. i have lost the os on htc m7 uk virson you know how to get it back on ? help

  5. hello i bought my device online so its the asian version which is already rooted and got twrp, anyways i cant update it of course so i tried to download a rom and when i flash it with twrp it always fails even though i can backup my data and restore it with twrp, but flashing any romm always fails and i dont know if S-off or S-on and i dont know how to know 😀 so please help if u can thanks

  6. I have the HTC One m8 on Android 5.0.2 I want to root it did you make a video on how to root lollipop for m8

  7. I just converted my m8 to a gpe thru the goe ruu. Then I tried flashing this rom and nearly bricked my phone. Does this work on converted phones or should I be on my stock sense before install?

  8. If my phone isn't unlocked, after the rom instalation, would it be unlocked?

  9. can you update your firmware this way then add viper rom and still be at firmware 5.0.1?

  10. yeashh nice job …but my  wifi not work what sould i do ? how to update firmware ..s-on

  11. Just installed this rom from the link in description,it looks and feels damn good BUT,if you listen music on your phone a lot it will be VERY VERY disappointing,after boom sound everything else sounds so damn bad :/.
    I had a problem with gsm network,now it works, turned on/off plane mod. Camera after play store update finaly works,power saver mod turns off when you charge your phone.
    Missing some apps, for ex. stock sms app ecc.
    Overall it looks damn good,fluid performance,but to be honest I will flash my phone back to stock rom as soon as I get bored of this BEAUTIFUL looking rom.

  12. Would you recommend this over stock sense? I'm on lollipop already. Also, how is the battery life on this gpe rom?

  13. Hello .. I have the 5.0.1 gpe and im on Samsung Galaxy s4 sprint and my app icons look alittle big.. Is there a way to change them into a lil smaller…resize them? Also on the lockscreen it says no sim card… Can i make it to say sprint?

  14. After flashing this rom there comes a message that the NFC services has crashed. After pressing Okay the message appears again and and again in a loop. How can i get rid of this?

  15. and you are all asking why this phone looks unique? its because this thing has a lollipop stuck in its ass, lets get started guys!

  16. my camera can't take pictures unless with an sd card. idk if there are other apps that have similar storage problems but is there any solution to this problem?

  17. although it worked smoothly any time I needed to reboot it sent me into a never ending bootloop making this mod unusable… very disappointing……

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