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Hey guys!!! HUGE THRIFTING HAUL!! TOMMY HILFIGER JEANS…. im speechless! (From Goodwill, mostly) I thrift so much, and I’d love to do more strictly thrifting videos, so let me know if you’d like that! Subscribe 🙂

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Music: Carefree by Kevin Macleod!!! (Non- copyright)

If you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU ♡

Name: Emma Topp
Age: 17
Camera : Canon Rebel t3i
Editing Software : Windows Movie Maker + AVS Video Editor

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22 Replies to “HUGE THRIFT HAUL 2017”

  1. Bro I just came back from watching David and Liza’s break up video and I’m still crying……😩😭😩😭❤️

  2. dude….God rewarded you for not buying the urban pair….like..the universe was on your side lol

  3. I only go to my local goodwill on Monday when they have color tag $1.79 sometimes I find desinger names clothes and shoes for $1.79..I'm talking about seven7 jeans brand, Anne tailor etc. Michael Jordan shoes.

  4. I LOVED this video!!! If you get a chance you should check out my Windbreaker Thrift Haul as well❤️❤️

  5. You have great style !!! I try to teach my kids about thrifting,you really find awesome things!!…you do it so great!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. i saw some tommy jeans in a goodwill today but i’m too thicc to fit in them ;(

  7. My dudes I found a Tommy Hilfiger top for $1.50 at a Goodwill, thank you for inspiring me to do this!
    I haven't found mom jeans yet though. 🙁

  8. Omg she said "pause for the glow" and my shitty wifi stopped the vid ahahaha

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