I Bought a Refurbished NES From DK Oldies – This is What They Sent

I Bought a Refurbished NES From DK Oldies – This is What They Sent – This is my first time buying something from DKOldies. I wanted to do a video on my experience in case my viewers are curious. Customers should pay close attention to the listing so they know what they’re getting (and what they’re not). And customers may not get a high level of refurbishing… but experiences will vary.

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20 Replies to “I Bought a Refurbished NES From DK Oldies – This is What They Sent”

  1. the amount of money you paid for this you should not be cleaning it, not to mention its not original.

  2. $240? if it wasn't for enthusiasts no one will ever buy that, you can get a used but pristine ps4 with that price, some even less.

  3. I provide new 72 pin and throughly clean my NES's and controllers and don't charge that much. I even make sure they have all the screws and the parts. At least the console shell was in good condition. For that price they should have gotten an actual NES zapper though.

  4. I do enjoy your uploads very much Steve (may I call you Steve ?) keep up the excellent work !…..cheese.

  5. the fact this dude couldn’t figure out how to blow into the first game to make it work ????

  6. 314 bucks is outrageous. Even if it's in pristine condition with first party zapper

  7. That third party Zapper is BETTER than the original! We got it from our distributor in China, and they make top quality controllers and peripherals that blow the originals out of the water! And as for the lid being a slightly different shade than the rest of the console, it gives your system it's own unique distinction! In other words, it makes it RARE and valuable! In fact, we would be willing to buy your very special, one-of-a-kind NES console back from you for $20!

  8. If tronixfix is doing a review and it turns out this bad, then now I really understand what all the commotion has been about. Shameful of dkoldies to commit fraud and profit from it.

  9. The optimism throughout the video is inspiring. Getting blatantly bent over and taking it like a champ.

  10. I saw another video about them being notorious for not cleaning the interior of these devices that they “refurbished”. But for real that price is ridiculous for what you got.

  11. TronicsFix you were going too easy on them for the price you paid ???? this should damn near look and feel almost brand new for the premium prices they charge, great video though glad you’re one of the channels shining a light on their shady practices!

  12. That cart looks like a repro inside. Original carts used a good sized IC. Unless that's a end of life reprint cart then I think you got ripped off. I'd check the other carts and see if they are repros or not.

  13. Both former employees I've heard from (the one Jacob R interviewed and another who had left a comment on a video, saying about one employee developing a drinking problem due to the way the manager was but he seems to have hidden his videos where he gave statements) have gone on record saying that they default replace the 72 pin connector on NES's, that's why you've got an aftermarket one. They also clean out systems only if they open them to do repairs, that's why the inside of yours isn't so bad. This is about the best you can really hope for from DK Oldies from everything I've seen and know about their operations.

  14. Man $300 for a NES?! heck I’ve got 3 right now that all work perfectly and all original, one is still in the plastic. I might have to look into selling em now after seeing this.

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