I Bought LOST LUGGAGE and RETURNED IT to the Owner + ft Safiya Nygaard

Safiya and I go shopping at the “Unclaimed Baggage Store” to buy lost luggage and RETURN it to the original owners! We find your abandoned accessories, expensive electronics, lost Louis Vuitton bags, and more!

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26 Replies to “I Bought LOST LUGGAGE and RETURNED IT to the Owner + ft Safiya Nygaard”

  1. spent 9 hours at the unclaimed baggage store, bought you guys a bunch of stuff, left our dignity behind 👯‍♀️

  2. pov: your watching this when you took someone’s lost item 😂 ps: I love your videos they are so entertaining

  3. Literally in tears watching this 🙂 This is the nicest, sweetest, most wonderful YouTube video I've ever seen!

  4. Hi Hope, love watching your videos. I am from Singapore I wish to see you in person one day when you visit Singapore. Love you ❤

  5. Oh my god the blue hydro flask with the stickers is the one that my friend lost on a flight! I recognize those stickers 😂

  6. This was so awesome for you to do! I thought at first that you might find the people’s actual stuff but to buy super expensive other things for them was such a nice gesture. ❤️❤️❤️

    I’ve left a few books, lost some Beats earbuds, but the thing that crushed my soul was loosing my deceased mother’s diamond necklace in the Atlanta Airport. I have quite a bit of jewelry from her, but this was one of my most treasured pieces, I called every single place possible in the airport looking for it but of course II never found it. If you guys (or your fans) ever run across it, please let me know.

    P.S. I’m not just saying I lost a diamond necklace to get you to give me a diamond necklace, lol. Sort of like when people’s cars were broken in…”Uh yes officer I had a full set of Coach luggage that was filled with $100,000 in cash in it…I’ll just contact my insurance about those things.” 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  7. It’s crazy airlines lose People’s properties and instead of returning them to the owner they just sell it for cheap. Rewarding theft and/or any bad behavior will create more of it.

  8. Can I please get someone to wish me a happy birthday I turned 27 on June 22nd. And I don’t want to get in to it but I honestly suffer bad depression bad anxiety and after a bad marriage to an evil woman I’ve lost everything. God this sounds so pathetic begging for a happy birthday but please someone. Please
    Whoever is reading this I hope and pray you get through it. Bad times are only tests like what I’m going through. You will get there even if I don’t I know you will you know why? Because kindness made you read this and that’s okay it’s okay to be kind. Some people just maybe their suffering themselves and get a boost making you or me feel low for nothing. But it will pass. It WILL pass. I am sorry

  9. girl your my role model your style amazinggggg cant get over it and whenever i want to take anything i first check your reviews on it and it helpssss alott thanks

  10. You're literally so nice spending money on total strangers just to make them happy. People like these are a true gem and I hope you stay happy too <3

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