I Bought The First 10 Things Pinterest Recommended To Me *scam alert*

I Bought The First 10 Things Pinterest Recommended To Me !
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27 Replies to “I Bought The First 10 Things Pinterest Recommended To Me *scam alert*”

  1. I use the PMD face version and I love it! I’ve been using it for 2 years and my skin always feels so soft and clean!

  2. Gosh, I could never rub myself up against the toilet like that. Id need to shower/change my clothes if I did that. ????

  3. How are there people in the world who don't wash? ???? Using water is so normal in many cultures and a part of cleanliness.

  4. i love chips that's ketchup flavored and it's so sad that here in the Philippines it's so limited.

  5. When you said Crisper, I immediately thought of CRISPR ???? I cannot unhear it now. Where are my science friends at?!

  6. I had this experience with that craft box years ago ????????

    I had forgotten about it until today

  7. That bubble gun will be AMAZING for any photo shoots/ try ons <3

  8. If it makes you feel better the toilet seat probably wasnt that that gross. It was likely some mildew and dirt from moisture exposure

  9. isn’t the sky store the thing that cat was obsessed with in that one episode of victorious?

  10. Guys are you living in caves?
    This is basic hygienic things .
    You find it in middle eastern countries .
    And it saves the environment from
    This ton waste of tissues

  11. Honestly my toxic trait is believing that whatever Mia does, I can also do flawlessly…. Like install a bidet ????

  12. I loved Mama Maples reaction to the bidet. It was priceless, lol
    The swim suit looked really cute on you, but like you, I like my butt totally covered as well. How's your hubby doing?

  13. Mia i also dont like salt and vinegar!!! I feel like there isnt many of us!!

  14. My grandma has a dreambox, and I’ve used it every single day I’ve visited her because it’s just so cool-

  15. I really needed that bidet review. From start to finish perfection ????????

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