I Bought VIRAL Youtuber Products *worth the $$$ or NOT*

Today we are reviewing some of the most popular Youtuber products/brands!
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20 Replies to “I Bought VIRAL Youtuber Products *worth the $$$ or NOT*”

  1. Customs duty is a Canada government issue, I’m a customs specialist, so it’s not the seller at fault and usually they cannot import into Canada on your behalf, pretty common for smaller sellers. Any way great video!

  2. Haha
    “is this oat milk still good”
    “Probably not”

    ** Puts it back in fridge
    Moms everywhere cringe

  3. “How many YouTubers make sauce” when Keith (from Try Guys) has a whole 3 pack of sauces

  4. Me and keeping the packaging for my stuff 😅 I cannot even fathom getting rid of the packaging for the sailor moon and hello kitty collection from colour pop!! Like I think I bought the whole makeup sets just for the packaging, send help!!

  5. Can we get an updated house tour. I rewatched when you first moved in and would love to see it all!!

  6. Every time she says “matcha” I receive 10pts of psychic damage 🫠

    I’ve never heard anyone say it like that, it’s adorable lmao

  7. ❤️ you Mia! You should do an “altering scam dresses to look like the original” video or just altering them to look better in general! I think you’d do amazing, and it would be really fun to watch!

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