I Cooked This Chuck Steak with a South American Asado Technique

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RECIPE: https://www.pitmasterx.com/chuck-steak-asado-style

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0:00 – intro
0:34 – chuck roast steak
1:20 – fire up the kamado joe
1:43 – heat up cast iron dutch oven
1:55 – cube up chuck steak
2:14 – season with salt
2:43 – slice ingredients
2:55 – cooked salsa recipe
3:19 – put chuck steak on skewer
4:10 – start asado style grilling beef
5:26 – serving churrasco style steak
6:20 – plating this recipe

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Thank you so much for watching see you on the next video!

15 Replies to “I Cooked This Chuck Steak with a South American Asado Technique”

  1. Respectfully, you shouldn’t cook tomatoes in a reactive metal like cast iron. I bet it had a steel wool aftertaste.

  2. lol gotta pay the guard dog , same , when i do bbq the missus calls my dog my supervisor she always says go look after dad, so he get his pay

  3. Doe een surinaamse bbq kip of varkens carbonade alles op zijn surinaams

  4. I worked for walmart for many years they only put out the dark red steaks cause of the myth. The tooth is les dark the fresher, dark red mean more air and time. An the grocery store or 2 i worked with. Chopped the cow on spot said the same, b the end of the day its old and lost its juice. Gotta cook it different way. red or semi red

  5. Unpopular opinion, too much silverskin and a not great chew to the chuck, never liked it. Love skirt steak. So not like I’m a price ho… but still, spinalis is the greatest bite of meat there is. Flank isn’t for me. Tri tip was not great. Beef ribs are up there. Ribs duh I like ribs. I just feel like some people like to simp for low price cuts and don’t give a real opinion

  6. Hey Chef, why don't you use Himalayan Pink Salt??? I've heard that it's the most nutritious.

  7. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge..❤️????.

  8. that is a nice piece of meat, and a delicious recipe of course????
    in Brazil that's how I got my meat served ina churrascaria ♨️♨️
    Thanks for sharing this Roel ????

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