I gave my *CREDIT CARD* to DAD for 24hrs! *NO LIMITS SHOPPING* Vlog | ThatQuirkyMiss

I gave my *CREDIT CARD* to DAD for 24hrs! *NO LIMITS SHOPPING* Vlog | ThatQuirkyMiss

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19 Replies to “I gave my *CREDIT CARD* to DAD for 24hrs! *NO LIMITS SHOPPING* Vlog | ThatQuirkyMiss”

  1. It feels really good to see your bond with your father 🥺💓
    I liked the green t shirt the most 🥰
    The offer on the flying machine store was buy 2 get 1 free and an extra 5% off for club members.

  2. The offer on flying machine was buy 2 products get one free in which 2 T-shirts was for uncle and one was for Ravi
    Love you vibe loved watching your videos💗

  3. "2+1 ka offer chal Raha hai . Buy 2 get 1 free😁😁"…. This was exact word of urs and buy 2 get 1 free was the offer in fly machine..

  4. Omg Ravi sounded so calm today 😭❤ We need a day in life of Ravi 🥺❤ Love watching your video more because of Ravi 💗 Love you guys💟

  5. This shows that every father thinks about each member of family even if its his day they never say i love you they just effortlessly show you with small gestures that's why they are silent hero's of our lives love you dad
    Flying machine had 2+1 offer one for ravi and 2 for uncle also 1st t-shirt looked good on him and same as uncle my father also like collar tshirt only

  6. The trend finally shifted from mother's to father's 💕
    The offer was ki buy 2 get 1 free and uncle ne wo 1 tshirt Ravi k liye le li how cute..

  7. Flying machine offer was buy 2 get one free in which your dad took 2 tshirts and bought one free tshirt for Ravi🤩🥰😘

  8. Hi dear.. The offer on flying machine was.. Buy 2 get 1… I liked the grey t shirt the most

  9. I really don’t comment usually but loveeee how u mentioned the last pov ,these days social media has made such an outlook in things where u can’t help but compare yourself in the internet and I truly appreciate u giving that note as always much ❤️to you and your family 🫶🏻

  10. Such a cute relationship n Aditi ur father is quite cool with u n he seems quite open which is what I love considering our indian society.proud papa ……. He bought for Ravi through the buy 2 get 1 free…… would love to win giveaway

  11. Chowmein looks so yummy ❤️😋😋😋 Happy father's day to uncle

  12. Such a great initiative to do this type of video with your dad…. I loved to see your bond with your father and that smile on his face while shopping…. I wish to do the same with my father jst for the sake of that smile….. ❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

    And the also the offer was buy 2 get 1 free… Jisme me se uncle took 2 for himself and one for ravi, that was so sweet😍

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