I made a Snake that hunts People

It’s a snake that wants to shake your hand. A hand-snake, if you will.

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Cosclay (my clay of choice)

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00:00 – Look at this guy
00:27 – Danger Noodle Anatomy
02:23 – I made them … to scale…
03:27 – A Polite Hand-Snake
04:27 – Fake it till you make it
05:58 – Flawless execution
06:41 – See? FLAWLESS
07:28 – Snake Two
08:08 – ART
09:20 – Puns that will get me demonitized
11:13 – Glamour Shots

#resin #monster #scary

23 Replies to “I made a Snake that hunts People”

    Several of the most venomous types of snakes have solenoglyphous teeth which retract into the jaw, and can be flicked out like a switchblade to inject venom into their prey and then retracted while they went for said prey to succumb. I figured a danger noodle that hangs out in a pool waiting for someone to reach out and grab it's "hand" would probably rely on something like that for hunting. Hence why you can't see the teefsies. I had meant to talk about that in my commentary, but I got busy making poop jokes, so you got that instead and you get this little bit of learnin' in the comments.

  2. The fact that snakes smell with
    Their tongues makes this just a tad
    More ominous.

    He knows when his prey is near.
    He can taste it in the air.

  3. How did I not know about that
    Snake!? I love snakes!

    I must find this snake.

  4. You should probably rough up the bearings with sandpaper to make them easier to paint

  5. Upon inspecting for bubbles, we noticed a few unfortunately placed bubbles… See: 11:57 onwards šŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  6. š’Š¹ļøŽš™µšš˜šš”šššš•šš˜ššŸššŽš’Š¹ļøŽć‚· says:

    Looks like iā€™m never helping someone that was buried alive or is drowning : )

  7. Your frame can't withstand the pressure in the pot. Reinforce it with more than glue.

  8. You know what… I think that snakes going to have a hard time because after all those deaths no ones buying that house and so no one will look in it's backyard.

  9. I love these kinds of resin scenes, you and minibricks should do a colab one day!

  10. So happy you're feeling better – Covid is a beeyotch, just got over it myself, and the fatigue is the worst. I was so excited to see you'd posted and this….this is just chef's kiss simply sublime. Your editing, sound effects, camera angles, lack of ego (seriously, the fact that you show your mistakes and mishaps makes a huge difference and I'm sure is super-inspiring to other creators), and sense of humour (and the puns…egads, the puns…) make your channel the highlight of my subscriptions. Always so happy to see when you've posted. šŸ™‚ I had a huge smile on my face throughout the whole video and then you accidentally snapped your foam base in half and restarted your sentence – almost choked on my coffee, I laughed so hard!! Please don't ever worry about having to skip around your schedule, though, you're still human (….aren't you??) and you need to rest and recover. Don't push yourself harder than you can handle. We'll be here breathlessly waiting for your next build but we'll wait!! xo

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