I Made Her DREAM DRESS! #shorts

It is so exciting to see someone feel so good in one of my pieces. Thankful every day that I get to create my art.

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27 Replies to “I Made Her DREAM DRESS! #shorts”

  1. Can I just say, that one reason I LOVE Gunnar is that he seems to be genuinely a phenomenal person. It goes without saying he's extremely talented and creative, I personally love his work, but when he said he said he's a person who always keeps his word, I believe him 100%. That's rare these days and I always appreciate that in people. 💜💙💚💛🧡❤

  2. I enjoy your videos. I wish I was able to watch you when I as creating clothing for my family and friends. I am 80 now and still creating teams and quilts. but your dress are a delight and so is you spirit. you do enjoy what you do.

  3. What you do is just amazing . You being such a sweet good man is just icing on the cake . I hope you can keep making beautiful dresses that make people happy for many years to come . You are a star .

  4. This dress is giving vibe to me from the tvd Caroline dress which Was gifted by Klaus

  5. This dress has to be the most beautiful yet! I love seeing your posts. Such a kind, skilled and talented man xx

  6. Your a keeper, once you find the right one. Beautiful dress. How many hours did it take you from star to finish.

  7. You are a truly gifted person. I haven't seen one thing you've made that isn't beautiful and so unique. Bravo!

  8. Braking up with someone doesn't mean you have to cut out all the people that you know from his side .

  9. “Omg your dress is so cute, where’d you get it?”

    “A family member made it :D”

    “How tf-“

  10. Ughh i want a dress from you so baddd
    Your stuff is beautifullll and it makes me so happy to watch your videos
    This years been tough for me ty for the smile keep makin dreams come true

  11. I still didn't get if he/she is a boy or a girl with beard

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