I made Medieval Lanterns out of Wood, Tin, and Real Parchment!

Pierced tin kit from here: http://piercedtin.com/cscart/tin-punch-kits/lk-1-lantern-kit-candle/

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17 Replies to “I made Medieval Lanterns out of Wood, Tin, and Real Parchment!”

  1. The split in the tin may have to do with the variable diameters of hand dipped candles.

  2. So fun- we almost never get to see videos about things like this, and I love both and covet them now. I particularly enjoy the SCA-adjacent wording for "period" v. "not period" and the look of all those bloody (not literally) wood-shavings around the lathe. We have a lathe and I will never not have wood shavings on everything again. I am repeating to myself that I neither want nor have any use for a tin or copper lantern to make pretty light and shadows everywhere, but I'm not believing myself at all. Nice choice of project!

  3. Very cool. Painting project, how about plants, and critters from where you are living?

  4. All three lanterns turned out great. I love the wooden one in particular. That soft glow is lovely.

    That being said, I'd love to make a tin one with stars, constellations, and maybe a moon phase circle on the door.

  5. These turned out awesome. I definitely want to try out my own tin lantern making some time. Also, very excited about this big painting project. Idk if you're planning on using medieval paint methods, but mixing your own paints is super fun. I took an art history course in college all about different mediums through history and we did a whole painting where we used eggs as the paint binder and mixed our own paints with egg whites and pigments. The extra paint doesn't last, but I still have the painting after almost ten years and it looks great. Egg paints are like modern acrylic in that they dry super fast which is nice because oil paints take forever to dry. Anyway, good luck on your painting project!

  6. Oh no… Morgan, I did NOT need another new project this close to Pennsic. What have you done!? XD

  7. My mom would've gone absolutely bananas over those tin lanterns! Great work!

  8. maybe the tin one is so bright cuz it reflects the light, rather than filter it

  9. I think it would be neat if you were to paint something with medieval paint recipes. Minus any toxic chemicals, of course. Or maybe try one of those illuminations like in a manuscript

  10. Loved all three lamps Mr Donner's copper lamp looked amazing as did both the wooden and tin ones you made, they all threw out loads of light. Look forward to the next project

  11. That was really neat and always love seeing you guys working together 😉

  12. That's so cool! The lantern with the parchment reminded me that entire windows could be made of parchment in the Medieval times. If I recall correctly, some were made for the Guedelon castle project. I think there's a video on it, here on YouTube.

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