I sewed my *fave* red carpet look (it's Prada ????) | WITHWENDY

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Hi! I’m Wendy and I am on a sewing journey via DIY videos that teach you how to sew your own clothes. Subscribe if you’d like to get inspiration and learn the tips and tricks I discover. Thanks for watching! #madewithwendy

27 Replies to “I sewed my *fave* red carpet look (it's Prada ????) | WITHWENDY”

  1. Ok here is the truth… this video was originally going to include three (THREE! smh Wendy) red carpet-inspired creations and partway through I had a brutal reality check on how much time I actually had to get this done. So here is the first item I finished and though it's on the simpler end of the spectrum the satin was terrifying and I'm really proud of myself ????One last thanks to Milanote for sponsoring this video! Sign up for free and start your next creative project: https://milanote.com/withwendy

  2. I am so excited to see more tutorials! I've been following you for years but my own sewing remains very basic. I do love, as someone else commented, that even in these "sewing adventure" videos you talk us through the process and are honest about your mistakes. After all, mistakes are the best way to learn and it's so gratifying to learn from someone else's instead of my own ????

  3. Lovely!
    Glad to hear you've (mostly) conquered your inner critic giving you the good ol' impostor syndrome.

  4. Good luck to Julia!! I really loved her style in the videos she participated in. I was looking foward to see more from her but alas.

  5. Thank you for taking us with you on your sewing adventures! Your setup looks great. You're very brave, knowledgeable, and creative. Always happy to see you <3

  6. I just finished my first trousers for me (the aster pants from Moodsewciety) and realky quickly dress from swimsuit fabrics for my 7YO daughter by her design ???? So I feel like I conuered the world and want to sew everyrhing now. My fabric stash is screaming at me, pick me, pick me! And then you choose satin ???? I feel good, but not satin good ????

  7. I love that you're taking a turn back into some educational content! I've been a subscriber since your coloured hair days and really enjoyed your tutorials when I was learning how to sew. (Your newer 'sewing adventure' style is super enjoyable to watch too!) ????

  8. Oh my gosh you did such a wonderful job. Satin is a nightmare to sew.

  9. You got a hungarian assistant! 😀 I was so surprised! Love your honesty about everything but also your videos are fun but educational, love, love, love everything about your channel! Keep going ❤

  10. I've been following along your sewing journey for years (highschool thru to post-uni worklife!!) and your videos never fail to make my day!! I loved the tutorial-style vids and the sewing-adventure-style vids all the same– I actually love how honest you are when showing your sewing process (mistakes and all) and it really helped so much as I was also learning to sew and making my own mistakes ????????

  11. A pocket is always for utility first and is important for that reason, who cares about how it looks when your hands are stuffed in! but also I don't wear anything without pockets so I've stopped allowing things without pockets to enter my wardrobe and I realize that's not most people lol. But! if I had pattern building skills I would prolly build everything around the pocket. Overall, your videos are so inspiring to make things like this seem possible to accomplish even if the road seems difficult, thank you!

  12. What a cool update! I love your video for the mix of adventures and education! Really excited for this ❤

  13. Love the dress, hate the train. Train to me screams drama, and there is no drama in that skinny train. You look gorgeous in it, as always. I just need the drama!

  14. Recently I altered a silk blouse of mine and the fraying at edges is horrible. And it is frightening to use a seam ripper multiple times on it. Need to be really calm and present to sew with these kinds of fabrics.

  15. Hi Wendy, my name is Carmen and I would just like to know if it’s possible you could explain the tension with fabrics that you use like when you use cotton versus stretchy material I’m not a professional sewer but I have problems when it comes to like making a T-shirt, I have problems there Thank you for your time and keep up the good work you’re awesome.????

  16. I dont usually comment, but I've been watching you for years as I learn how to sew! (Back around '17?) I started watching solely for the educational stuff, and religiously followed along in the tutorials. If anything we've both just continued learning as we go. Sorry to hear imposter syndrome got you, it gets the best of us.

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