i stayed in the most beautiful motel + thrift shopped ✨ | DIY Danie w/ @letitiakiu

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00:00 Intro
01:55 Meeting Letitia
02:49 Restore
04:43 Value Village
05:49 The June Motel
09:19 Surfshark AD
11:59 Shopping Local
15:01 Shopping Article
15:27 Dinner for two
16:15 TMI
18:35 Thrift DAY!
24:21 What I bought
33:40 Outro

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29 Replies to “i stayed in the most beautiful motel + thrift shopped ✨ | DIY Danie w/ @letitiakiu”

  1. I’m laughing hysterically! John Wayne Gacey???????????? nope nope nope! Girls shopping is fun!

  2. I mean, am I the only one that thought Dani should use the portable sun hat in the rain…no umbrella required!

  3. I watched the YouTube series on the June Motel several years back. Happy to see it pop up again ❤

  4. I watched the show Motel Makeover on Netflix, of the owners of this motel renovating it! I instantly recognized it lol.

  5. you guys are fun to all of *US*!!!! Seriously, what a beautiful friendship! maybe you guys should take a photo together, think of a quote, and slap that photo/ quote at the end of the friendship book!!!! (lol) *someone just reading your coffee table book, flips to the end, see's a taped photo of you guys on lined notebook paper, with a quote, handwritten*.

  6. John Wayne Gacy right before bed isn't the best idea.
    I love watching scary content, but the key is to watch it during the day or in the morning. It's important to have a decent break between the content and your bedtime, like working, shopping, hiking etc.
    Before bed, it's better to watch things that are funny or exciting in a good way, not something that is depressing or scary.

  7. I'm confused. Weren't you at this motel before? I'm pretty sure I saw you in their Netflix show for their grand opening, along with the Sorry Girls.

  8. OMG! So glad to see that hefty luggage rack leaning against the door saved your lives!! ???? ????

  9. BUAHAHAHA I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU MEANT ~~ gummies ~~! ????????????

  10. Yeah…John Wayne Gacey anything is uhhhh not a comforting watch. It feels important, especially as as recent as 2020 a victim was finally identified, but he was a horrific man.

    On a happier note I'm a little obsessed with the green letter organizer

  11. Two amazing, talented, creative content creators in one video? Yes, please ❤❤

  12. Danie, there is no such thing as too many books! It’s NOT hoarding if it’s books! (Speaking as a Librarian whose to-be-read list is several bookcases. LOL!)

  13. Yup, I too am 'not fun to people who are other people…'???? your weekend away looked mighty good to me!

  14. I was like WAIT I know this motel, how do I know this motel? I'VE NEVER BEEN OUT OF ARGENTINA and then I remember, didn't The Sorry girls stayed here?? And turns out YES they did a whole introduction of the lobby in one of their sorrylife videos. I felt like it was MY vacation, you girls make me feel like I'm traveling with ya!!

  15. Looked like so much fun. Just love watching your chanel. That green jersey is definitely my favorite. Hi from South Africa .

  16. My fave item(s) were those brass outlet/switch cover. I'm not sure they're truly my style either… but they're just TOO AWESOME!

  17. Love this cozy vlog-ish video. Also obsessed that you ran into (k)Wendy – love both your stuff!

  18. You watched scary???? LOL I loved the book finds and brass plate covers! Such fun days!

  19. Loving this video Danie. You personality, laughter, and freedom to be silly is what makes you such a loving individual.

  20. I watch theJune motel makeover ……really really enjoyed it. Flannel is my best friend….I like the red flannel shirt the best

  21. Such a fun video. I would love to go on a thrifting weekend trip out of state. I LOVE THAT GREEN CHUNKY SWEATER, just my speed; and those candle holders LOVE THem.

  22. I remember watching the show of the two girls who remodeled this place. I saw you in the last episode when they showed the soft opening. I recognised you and the Sorry Girls right away and my mom thought I was nuts.

  23. Love the cabinet on the left of the blue one. I’ve been looking for one. The one with the long glass in the middle

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