I TESTED More Viral Woodworking TikToks

I TESTED More Viral Woodworking TikToks

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29 Replies to “I TESTED More Viral Woodworking TikToks”

  1. The frame drops are so disorientating but no one else seems to be noticing in the comments

  2. Do a big ass conference table with a hippo barely floating there in the middle.

  3. The issue with the batteries is that they've been "woked". This is what happens if your workshop monitor is left on CNN for more than 20 nano seconds

  4. 7:50 the batteries are probably just so dead the charger cant detect them properly so youre basically using jumper cables (wires) to charge it just a bit for the charger to see it

  5. I have a battery that seemed dead. I tried that fix, but I saw that the one terminal was bent and the charger would not connect. It was dead so it needed that jump charge.

  6. The video was choppy at times all over the place, weird. You have to try the aluminum table, small scale. And the alligator table!

  7. Verry bad render , mate…remake the video cause I'm not gonna watch it like this.

  8. Hey. I do watch your videos with my young kids sometimes.
    Could you please be more mindful of your language on the show?

  9. Loved all the projects. The video lagged quite a few times though, not sure whats up, just letting you know!

  10. What's with the sparks on the bandsaw. Something doesn't seem to be set up correctly. Dusty always uses blocks to keep his chiseling square. Good video.

  11. love the content, but the audio needs some work. as well what's the deal with the studdery editing

  12. Really enjoyed the video and what you were doing! Love the shout out to my fellow Canuck!

    The jumping between frame rates in the video really messed with my eyes though!

  13. The table was done by a brother Carver you should check out his other work. He has several hundred of hours in each table.

  14. Phone in video.

    “We are going to do this….. in another video…”

    Show us you made no effort in this one without telling us.

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