I Turned $200 Thrift find into $4000 ?!!!!! MAJOR THRIFT FLIP #ad

I couldn’t believe I found these! There are a lot of new age versions that are cheaper, but I really wanted the sturdiness of the vintage chair! We used a leather on one side, and the painted canvas for the other! Seriously obsessed with the way they came out!

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26 Replies to “I Turned $200 Thrift find into $4000 ?!!!!! MAJOR THRIFT FLIP #ad”

    What you did with it,
    Ohhhhhhhh SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!
    But then again, ?I knew you would.????

  2. My 7yo granddaughter drew a pic of me, cotton balls for hair. She asked her teacher crumbling paper would be OK. Simulate my numerous wrinkles.

  3. Paid $200 for 2 chairs…
    Leather covering/seating was no good & had to be scraped….
    So you basically paid $200 for some metal poles? ???‍♀️ lol ??
    But, they turned out great though!! Might be easier/cheaper to even make your own base next time. You could even use some like thick PVC and paint to look like metal lol or use cheap metal rods. ??❤️?? Also, I love the variety of projects, (I mean not just clothes lol) your starting to show on channel!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. My father had one of these chairs. As far as I can tell the only difference is that his is made from a single piece of leather. I have so many childhood memories of it. I have loved it for 54 years and it has come to represent him for me. He died last year and now I have it and if there were a fire this would be the item I would grab. I've never seen another like it until now. A butterfly chair. Didn't know.

  5. I remember my mom giving me two yellow framed butterfly chairs with like burlap in an essence covering. They were very cool, but very hard to get out of being 6 foot tall. It was quite the challenge but they sure were cool. I love what you did with yours haven’t seen a chair like that in a while.

  6. Very cool… have you ever seen Heywood Wakefield…. Furniture.. I love it… check it out if you have some free time.. love the chairs.

  7. I’ve always wanted to start something but my whole class told me I’m the wrong gender because I am a mail

  8. Oh man, I really did love that original weathered leather. I normally love your upcycles, but I really love the original ones. Yours are great too, but something really speaks about the originals. Might be I used to work with hide, and I find the unique tanning gorgeous and the canvas just can't compare. But best job still!

  9. If I sat in this chair I would fall, Gunner, you need to come to South Africa to let the young people meet you, lm on WhatsApp please reply as l follow your page, l love you lots and lots like jelly tots and smarties and Lay's and chocolate and marshmallows love Alison Moore South Africa

  10. Whenever I see your videos there’s only one thing that is in my mind:
    How do you have so much patience?!
    It’s lovely ?

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