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  1. Some more info:
    • Flint should last about 3000+ strikes
    • On a sunny day, you can just dry the lighter in the sun. This is for a quick restart.
    •The flint is not the wheel it’s actually a small rod underneath – the wheel is the friction mechanism.
    • Blowing into it will help too!

    Thx for the helpful feedback everyone!

  2. I literally just wheel it fast on my pants and in like 10 seconds it works again.

  3. Lol what if u dropped it inside of a bowl of infused coconut oil ????????????????.. cause I did that and it was brand new!

  4. Turns out this video is meant for men to handle stuff of other men????????????????????????????

  5. If I was in a survival situation I would not do this as you are wasting tons of the flint and potential fires started. If my lighter got wet and was not working just blowing into the guard and removing as much water as possible then letting it air dry for 10 minutes would be ideal. No wasted flint.

  6. I think it works faster, if you literally suck the water out from the top then use your breath to dry the moisture, while you spin. It hurts my fingers to keep spinning the wheel to dry the flint out only.

  7. This happened to me once when I was camping. I wish I knew it sooner. Thanks for the info!

  8. Got to be a better way than crack h**d method seriously ????

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