IAF likely to get most-advanced LCA MK-2 fighter; Modi govt's nod awaited for the aircraft

The Union government is set to consider a case for the development of the LCA Mk-2 fighter and could accord financial sanction for the project soon to cater to the future requirements of the Indian Air Force (IAF), which has already inducted the earlier variants of the light combat aircraft (LCA) and ordered 83 Mk-1A variants, officials said. Watch the video for more.

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19 Replies to “IAF likely to get most-advanced LCA MK-2 fighter; Modi govt's nod awaited for the aircraft”

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  2. While Pak JF17 participated in operation swift retort and bombed the Shit out of Indian Brigade HQ. The Indian Tejas is still being used on ( if and butts ) the media to phuddufy the Indian Janta

  3. I have already watched hundreds of videos made by fake youtubers who are misleading public showing MK-2 is already getting ready and will be inducted soon. They are making videos on AMCA, TEDBF and many more. I urge people not to watch any video made by self declared defense experts on YouTube. They are simply making videos of entertainment. But they are dangerous as they are misleading people and it could affect the minds if a war breaks. Even those who are active on making videos associated with competitive exams are making too much of videos covering military news topics and they are analyzing the same claiming anything.

  4. Engine and most parts are coming from other countries. Political will was needed to make best out of it. Modi govt has done it thus reviving HAL which was dying without much production line few years back.

  5. * DRDO, ISRO और अन्य आयुध बनाने वाली संस्था तो ठीक चल रही है
    * लेकिन HAL सुधरने का नाम तक नहीं ले रहा है

  6. considering its size and money spend on them Indian army is the worst in the whole world. this army have never won any war against any others with the similar size or strength, much worse than N. Korea army, Vietnam army or even Afghanistan Taiban force, they can fight US army. of course it is a loser to China PLA in both 1962 and in 2020, as shown in Oct 10th 2021, The Express Tribune, with title "Indians furious……."

  7. More flying coffins 😁,
    Challenge you Indians prove it’s worthiness in Galwan airspace- India lost to China or Pakistan airspace where you sent your previous flying coffin flown by Abhinandan,
    And yeh don’t talk about your misfiring brahmos missiles = misfiring scud missiles of Sadam Hussain😁

  8. HAL needs to increase production of these new fighter jets taking into account the serious threat posed by China!

  9. LCA MK2 is already under development and the metal cutting has started this year with the plan to rollout the 1st prototype by next year. I don’t understand what was the content of the video and what news HT wanted to convey

  10. कइ सालों से ये बातें सुनते आ रहे हैं , … अब ये हवॉं में बातें उडाना बंद करो तुम चॅनेलवालों.

  11. India's got about 1/3 military budget compare to China's among it, 50% for salaries and pension, what left over for weapons, what left over for weapons is about 1/10 of China's , with imported weapon 3-5 times more expensive. that makes it only get 1/30 to 1/50 for obtain about same level weapons, and for more advanced weapon, no other countries would sell them to India, such as stealthy fighters, hypersonic missiles, attacking drones, ……………..that is just for 1 year, for 10 years, Indias' s real weapon/arms level is only about 1/300-1/500 of China's, most Indians would not believe it but still dreaming superpower 2020.

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