15 Replies to “If you hate running try this ????”

  1. What if I hate stairs too? Lol, nah but honest I found that listening to Military cadence helps with keeping a pace and zoning out during my run.

  2. I think you picked the one thing people would hate more than running dear. ????

  3. As much as I hate running, I’d rather run a marathon than get on that machine! ????

  4. Is the stair climber excerise good for your hear health t? I don't like running because of my joints, but need some type of cardio to keep up with heart health.

  5. If uou hate running…dont do it! Find a form of cardio you actually like ????

  6. We don't have a stepper in my gym, but I up the incline gradually to 15 with x3 speed and after 15mn i sweat like crazy, is it the same?

  7. Stair master is a killer! Great job Krissy-fan of your-love your channel and work outs KUDOS ????????????????????????????

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