I'M ENGAGED! Wedding Chat and All That

Check out my mini-series from my vacation where Alex proposed!

I feel like these Q&A videos are so fun to film , let me know if you want more! Also, stay tuned for a video coming up in the next couple that will have ALL of the info for the June Bloom giveaway! Keep your sentences somewhere safe and secret and just hang on a little bit more!

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28 Replies to “I'M ENGAGED! Wedding Chat and All That”

  1. Watching this now is still amazing to me! You have changed so much, you have a beautiful baby boy, the kitties and now you are all living in Nashville <3

  2. Just watched your most recent vlog and now watching this . Amazing to see you thru out the years

  3. I loved at the end when you said having a partner in crime forever and forever and you put your hands together 🙏
    I said amen

  4. Congratulations!! I am getting married fall 2017 and I was wondering if you would be willing to a planning 101 or advice video. Thank you

  5. I keep relationships private too. Which is why I don't tell anyone about the hundreds of white women I banged. BLAHAHAHA!!

  6. I soo get you when it comes to say yes to the dress, say yes to the dress bridesmaids is aslo really good. But Randy is pretty darn fabulous

  7. Yayyyy Elle! I'm so happy for you! Congratulation:)) Btw the halo cut is my FAVORITE! So classic and just beautiful!! I wish u the best!! I hope u take us on your journey in finding your dress :))))

  8. Four Weddings!! It's a good show lol, 4 brides attend each others weddings and rate different aspects of the weddings (food, venue, dress, etc.) and the one with the most points at the end wins a honeymoon trip!

  9. I'm so happy for y'all, you are such a beautiful couple! Your ring is STUNNING. I looked it up online and it's amazing. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  10. OMG I got engaged at the end of July and we are planning next fall…so cool and Fall weddings are the best. It's not too cold but you never want to sweat a drop on your wedding day either!!

  11. well im late in giving wedding show ideas lol! my brother & his fiancee are getting married in a couple of years, but his fiancee has been watching those wedding shows for forever. one i've watched with her has been four weddings (probably on TLC??). it's kinda cute. 4 brides go to each other's weddings & critique (judge can be a harsh word) the venue, the dress, the food & the overall feel of the wedding of each bride in hopes of getting a honeymoon. as a viewer it can probably help give ideas on what you want as a theme or a dress. one wedding had food trucks as the caterer & while it's not everybody's cup of tea esp if their wedding is more upscale it's a cute idea 🙂

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