Improving This Planer with YOUR Help!

We’re back in the shop today and finding more ways we can improve the space with organization. I’ve always had issues with using my planer and it sounds like a lot of others do as well. So I built this planer cart with dust collection to make it SO much easier.

Plans for this build will be available on our website soon!

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So Much Better — Fixing My Planer Problems

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13 Replies to “Improving This Planer with YOUR Help!”

  1. Guess I’m pretty lucky with mine, I just stick the hose out the back yard window. Now as far as lifting that 90 lb unit all by yourself when it is clear other folks were around to help ……..well not your best decision. I seem to recall when Jimmy and Dave visited you were in back pain. Duh

  2. And you don't show us how well it collects dust? I can only imagine without some cyclone top the blower will blow the chips out of the can and fill the box until the filter is covered.

  3. TIL that planer is spelled planer and not plainer. English makes no sense but thanks Bob

  4. You really need to spend a few hours with it and test. Trust me. Dry lube the screws that raise it up (raise it all the way up to max, lube it) lower it down. Do it again, up down. Then raise beds on the OUTSIDE all the way up. The inner part that goes to the main bed – have that lip be even. Use a flashlight to see.

    The main issue with the 735, other planets that use a roller system – you have two rollers like this O_O , the Os are the roller, the _ is the bed. When wood goes in, it presses it down flat. When it comes out of the LAST ROLLER, any weight on front of wood will angle it UP and you’ll hear that bzzzzzzt on last 2” for snipe.

    Use sleds if any cup or bow twist is present. Ditch the hot glue. Just use shims and some cheap masking tape (it’s only on for a few anyway).

    Feed at an angle. So 13” I’ll feed wood in at a slant like / vs straight in — that will help with blade wear. I have the 3 blade and it’s been fine. I’ve done a few pallets of walnut so far and other than some very fine lines that can be sanded out, been great.

    Unless you have super burly curly wood with crazy grain going everywhere, the dimensioning setting is fine. I only use the fine setting if I’m moving to finish sanding.

    Feed every piece twice. Forward backwards. When you flip, do again. Trust me.

    Don’t bother building fancy tables to outfeed too. Simply just feed it, when it’s almost halfway, go to outfeed and supper piece as it comes out. Not lifting, not letting down, just keep it as it is, maybe a tiny bit of upwards force.

    Also, if you bought this, then use it. Put it on a stand with caster stands that can stabilize it. Working on the ground is STUPID. You’ll hurt your back and it’s just bad practice. Figure out a solution and implement it.

    Yes, you cover some of this. But for others, here you go.

    Not that I’ve tested 100s of board feet learning this before I did my first planing on some walnut. No sir, not at all. ?

  5. Watching your videos always gives me confidence that starting my own channel wouldn't be a mistake since your solutions are usually either crude or are the equivalent of going around your ass to get to your elbow. They make replacement dust collection hoods that connect to 4" and 6" hoses dude. And they sell for at best $80 shipped to your door. I have those exact same casters, and there's no way you didn't spend more just buying those.

  6. Noise level of a planer is the only reason why I can't use mine in a residential neighborhood. Mine just collects dust now.

  7. Honestly, i would have just hard piped it all the way in. Really cool idea mate.

  8. soooooooo nice the small linus joke, or its not a joke, he is just like that ?

  9. Perfect timing! I was just starting to think about building a stand with some sort of dust containment… something… for my Dewalt planer. Lot of good ideas in this video. Thanks!

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