16 Replies to “In my experience. And no, don’t even try blaming the outfit or the stretches. #shorts #gymlife”

  1. I saw a post where a women was at the gym and was like “they should make a gym just for women” and a man was like “that’s sexist!” When literally we get starred at—

  2. I just bought a bunch of your workout equipment! You've inspired me to try different kinds of workout activities!! Thank-you and love your content!!!

  3. Even worse when you politely tell them that you don’t need any help and are perfectly fine but they keep insisting

  4. Smaller local owned gyms may be preferable, as you don’t get spectators.

  5. More than half of women that go to the gym are harassed by men. I’ve had pictures taken, been followed, had unwanted conversations. I’ve been forced to switch gyms.
    And now I’m limited to a small womens room. I hate it. I’m so restricted. My town does not have a womens only gym.

  6. I've had it be where they're like "how do you DO THAT?" And then they attempt to do it themselves and then double over in pain.

  7. HI! Blogilates Can u design a School bag which ACTUALLY has a lot of space for example 42 liters bag, and with a lot of compartments

  8. but its truew if you would cover up it wouldnt be as bad dont get mad when gus stare because your exposing yourself its a twosided coin

  9. That outfit drives me qianzy.monster nuts on you and
    you have that curvy body, you did a
    good job modelingi it too. Also like the
    last outfit Love how the garter belts
    connect to the stockings and shear top

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