Inexpensive Makeup Review!

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disclaimer: All of these products were purchased by me with my own money. I am not affiliated with Forever21, and this is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own.

28 Replies to “Inexpensive Makeup Review!”

  1. I have also gotten makeup brushes, the quality is definitely not hte best, but it was only 4.80 and they work well enough. I have to say that their gel eyeliner dried up and shrunk on me, but it was only $1 and I think I got a faulty one. Lastly, I got a mascara thats perfect, its super voulmizing and lengthening especially since I have nearly invisible lashes. It's not too wet or dry, and only 3.80 so you can't go wrong

  2. I'm 12, and I have gotten 3 wonderful eye makeup palettes from Forever 21. Because the packaging was beatup, they put their 'Daylight palette with 12 perfect shades' on markdown and 50% so I got it for $2 instead of 8. It's wonderful neutral warm colors that are perfect for someone on a budget. Then I got the 'natural eye palette for 4.80 which has 15 shades. finally, I got their huge palete that reminds me of BHcosmetics or costal scents for $10.

  3. All of these people that put negative comments sound sooo stupid. If u don't like video, quit being immature and move on. But NOOOO instead u keep watching them and keep putting negative comments. So stupid, u must not have anything else to do. U make yourself look so stupid.

  4. I had a bad experience with their nail polish. It looked like if I had just used a marker to do my nails. It dried incredibly matte but I just used a clear coat over it. I love the lip glosses that come in the squeeze tube!!! I also bought a bronzer that was much too gold to use to contour or to bronze but works amazing as a highlight or as a gold eyeshadow.

  5. I had a forever 21 palette and it worked really well. I still have it, but I don't use it that much because I dropped it and they cracked

  6. I havea four shadow palette from forever 21 exactly like that except it has two purples, a black and a white. They're really nice quality, love them. I have a few nail polishes too and they're great as well. I don't like the blush, bronzer and brushes I got (I guess B's aren't their forte?) but I would definitely give those things another chance, as long as they were different from the ones I tried

  7. I own a few eyeshadow palettes from forever21. All of them good are good quality. Try the twelve shade palette (comes in Smokey, Dramatic, Pastel, Natural) for $6.80. It's so worth it and beautiful application

  8. Stop putting hater comments. Just because u hate Elle doesn't mean others so stop sharing all this bad stuff about her with everyone. No one wants to listen to u guys! So keep ur thoughts to urself! And u don't have to be mean just because she is popular and ur not.

  9. Anyone who hates elle and her soster shouldn't be commenting about it. Keep your thoughts to urself. If anyone said these things to u you would be really upset about it. And just because u hate her doesn't mean u should tell others about it. I definitely dont hate her!

  10. The lipgloss is great! The pigmentation is a must and the shine is long lasting and the smell is very subtile! Only about 1-2 dollars and worth the "splurge"

  11. You should read this in the description bar:
    disclaimer: All of these products were purchased by me with my own money. I am not affiliated with Forever21, and this is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own.

  12. My Forever 21 never has stuff this cool. 🙁 But I think you look really really pretty in this video 😀

  13. I have Love and Beauty Gold perfume and I love it. The body lotion is huge and inexpensive and of course smells just as amazing. There's cute blotting papers as well, I have pink cherry scented ones but they are folded over each other so getting them out is a bit tedious.

  14. Hey I just uploaded a review of my new concealer, please come check it out and subscribe to my style channel if you like! ^__^

  15. A product from Forever21 that I liked was a hot pink cream blush that was super pigmented, and blended out to look really gorgeous and subtle! I also used it as lip product. The best part was that it was only a bit over a buck!! 🙂

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