Inside Simone Rocha's All-Female Fashion House | In The Studio

At Simone Rocha’s studio, women’s wear means practicality — not fantasy. We give you a tour during London Fashion Week.

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18 Replies to “Inside Simone Rocha's All-Female Fashion House | In The Studio”

  1. wowww of course people love hating on a woman of color who succeeds. she is an extremely talented, visionary, and hardworking designer. i’ve always been a fan of her designs.

  2. C'mon, Irish? I can see all Chinese in the video. She is Chinese and she hires Chinese. If you are born in Ireland but you are Chinese, that doesn't mean you are freaking Irish.

  3. Isn't this gender discrimination? I'm a guy, what if I want to work for her company? There'd be a riot if NYtimes post a video about an All-Male Fashion House…

  4. The clothes are great but I've worked with her type and that was horrible. She is a total b.

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