Inside Sneaker Con: 500% Markups and Millions in Profit | WSJ

Sneaker Con co-founder Yu-Ming Wu and Hayden Sharitt, a 21-year-old resale business owner, take us inside the industry where some sellers make millions of dollars on pre-owned shoes, as they attend a sneaker trading show in Cleveland. Photo/Illustration: Tyler Clark/Drew Evans

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30 Replies to “Inside Sneaker Con: 500% Markups and Millions in Profit | WSJ”

  1. Dudes should be investing instead on land properties or real state, men materials things have be destroyed and fade in time

  2. This type of people are the one that are going to kill the love for shoes , they legit have no soul

  3. How do the sellers not get conned selling online with like fake credit cards and stuff? Also, how do they know what sizes to buy when new ones come out?

  4. As someone who’s been to sneaker con. ALL of these sellers have the same sneakers for the same price. No one is under the other. And another thing is like I pointed out. It’s all the same stuff and every table. No one has something unique like retro air maxes or vintage adidas. It’s all just Jordan 1s and yeezys.

  5. All these dudes that sell sneakers act like they're the smartest guys for selling shoes.

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