Introducing vlog camera ZV-1F | Sony

If you want to start vlogging but don’t know where or how, then ZV-1F is the perfect camera for you. The ZV-1F is designed to make vlogging simple for everyone, while offering stunning video and sound quality.


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24 Replies to “Introducing vlog camera ZV-1F | Sony”

  1. The only thing Sony gave to this camera is the new menu.
    It comes with even just the sensor from RX100M4, and the processor is previous generation Bionz X. As a Vlog pocket camera, it even doesn't come with a IBIS.
    What a shame that a company famous for its innovation had reduced to refurbish their old models.

  2. Thanks for cripple the slowmo, the ND filter, the cenetone and some other things too . . .

  3. I think this is the optimal camera for our new YouTube Shorts format, in which we document step by step the development phase of our Beatboxing World Championship 2023 production.

  4. How is the night mode ? Compare to dji pocket 2. I need another 1 to go with me..

  5. How is the night mode ? Compare to dji pocket 2. I need another 1 to go with me..

  6. Does anybody know if this camera uses the old camera UI or the new one like in a7s III and a1?

  7. After months of research I've finally decided to buy Zv e10… Now I'm more confused after this ! ?

    Expert advice welcomed ?

  8. No thanks. Fell for the ZV-1 and the lack of dynamic range makes everything look artificial and of a camera 4 generations ago. I hate to say it because I am a RX fan, but this has peaked a few cameras ago.

  9. Is the strategy to release a bad camera so the other releases look better? That is accomplished.

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