Irish Potato Candy ???? Peppermint Potato Candy – old-fashioned candy made out of potatoes?

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Let’s make a Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day treat: Irish Potato Candy. These sweets look like tiny potatoes but contain NO potato – ha! – so while we’re at it, let’s make Peppermint Potato candy, too.

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Old-Fashioned Potato candy:

I adapted these recipes:
The Kitchn – Irish Potato Candy:
Colorado Potato – Peppermint Potato Candy:

00:00 Intro
0:14 Sponsorship
1:50 What is potato candy?
3:15 Starting Irish Potato Candy.
7:13 Taste test.
8:38 Peppermint Potato candy.
11:20 Taste test.

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21 Replies to “Irish Potato Candy ???? Peppermint Potato Candy – old-fashioned candy made out of potatoes?”

  1. Here in Maine we have a potato treat that you can find at pretty much any convenience store. They are called Needhams

  2. If your hands are dry than working the candy dough that has cream cheese and oil will help moisturize them. As for washing the the residue off your hands use a full fat such as ivory or a homemade olive oil soap the fats in the soap join with the oils/fats in the candy dough and the later from the soap will wash everything away. Additionally use warm to hot water (above 105 F) because it will help with the removal of the soil upon your hands or body

  3. Aaawwww 🙁 And here I was thinking you were making the potato candies that B. Dylan Hollis made. You should check it out. 😀

  4. Anybody else noticed Emmy’s childish voice during the native sponsored part??

  5. The potato candy I have always made does have potato in it and I thought all real potato candy did. Mashed potato, butter, powered sugar, vanilla. Mix and shape into potatoes, roll in chocolate powder.

  6. My maternal grandmother used to make it similar to your second recipe. I haven't had it in more than 55 years, but it was an important part of my early childhood memories.

  7. I'm from Philly, I've heard of a candy like this but never tried it cause I hate coconut ????

  8. Did anyone else's mind add the word free after vegan, when Emmy was talking about Native deodorant?

  9. My Grannie was full blood Irish. She made potato candy when she would visit us

  10. My mom was born and raised in Pennsylvania, she made peanut butter potatoe candy and it was mashed potatoes and powder sugar

  11. Ah what a world we live in, where you can have candy that looks like potatoes & potatoes that look like candy!

  12. People make sweets out of wheat, rice, and corn already so potatoes kinda make sense if you think about it.

  13. My husband is allergic to mint but i wonder if these would be good with peanut butter instead

  14. i have a phobia of potato eyes, i cant touch, i cant even look at a potato if it has white roots oh hellll no ????‍♀????

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