Is Alcohol Free Gin Worth the Hype? 🤷 #shorts

With today’s selection of non-alcoholic spirits, you can still indulge in some of your favorite cocktails during times when you don’t want to have alcohol. There are many wonderful options. In this video, I decided to try a few different non-alcoholic gins to see if I could notice a difference between them and an alcohol version. The ethanol hitting my tongue was too obvious for me to mistake the version with alcohol vs the non-alcoholic, but I still enjoyed the flavor of the non-alcoholic versions. I would definitely enjoy drinking any of them on their own.

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26 Replies to “Is Alcohol Free Gin Worth the Hype? 🤷 #shorts”

  1. If u were to make a drink that does not contain alcohol or ingredients that people from different religions can't consume, what would you make, of any of your favorite drinks.

  2. Can anyone help me out. I got the cap of my cocktail shaker stuck is there any trick or any way to get it off because pulling isn’t working and soap isn’t helping either

  3. People are retarded. They want the taste of alcohol without alcohol. They want vegan chicken and beef. Like just fucking live and accept you don't drink or eat meat.

  4. I'm muslim and seeing you mix different liquids like some sorta chemistry experiment is so surreal. I have no intention to consume any alcohol in the future but I'm thoroughly entertained. Thank you!

  5. Why would anyone want to drink something that tastes like alcohol but doesn't get you drunk? I'm an alcoholic and even I despise the taste of pretty much every alcohol.

  6. Ew holy shit lol. I don’t- I really can’t understand why you would choose to pay more to not get drunk lmfao

  7. Me, who as 0 alcool tolerance : Meh, that's easy. The alcool one is the one who will destroy my mouth and instantly make me cry

  8. Wanting a non-alcoholic drink to taste alcoholic seems super pointless to me lol

  9. My method for finding out which one is alcoholic and which isn’t:
    -drink a bunch of em and see if you get smashed

  10. As an Asian who is lowkey allergic to alcohol but love a good cocktail this is an expensive alternative

  11. Why don't you do a bartender competition with street and other bartender…. dude plz… i would like to see this competition… ✌️🥳⚡️

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