Is it a safari park? πŸ¦’ New giraffe and zebra | Lego Friends Mia's Wildlife Rescue build & review

The colours in this are so interesting, I’m loving the direction that Lego Friends is going in this summer wave. It seems like Mia has headed off to help out at a safari park for the summer vacay. There are two brand new characters and two brand new animals. I’m loving this, thank you to Lego for sending this set.

If you’ve just dropped by, I’m Ellie! Lego is an artistic medium and no matter your building expertise there is something here for everyone. Stick around and I’ll build for you while I review new sets and create my own customs (MOCs). I tend to geek out about new pieces, get excited about learning new and interesting building techniques, giggle too much and just generally ramble. I’m easily distracted so things can get a bit hectic, but I’m sure you’re down for that.

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16 Replies to “Is it a safari park? πŸ¦’ New giraffe and zebra | Lego Friends Mia's Wildlife Rescue build & review”

  1. Hello I'm a new Fan And My Tummy Really Hurts And I Have Been Pooping Alot And You And Millie Are The Ones Who Makes Me Feel Better

  2. Hi Ellie!! I have been watching your videos for about two years now! Did you know that the lego friends girls are actually all cousins? Surprising right!!

  3. Hello, please make a safari park with giraffes,elephants, flamingos, tigers and zebras. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Omg they should have a:
    Zoo(with many connecting pieces)
    Bowling alley
    Arcade centre

  5. I think it is a very cool set with all the interesting colours.I also like the characters and the animals.I like the new wave for Lego 2022

  6. Hi Ellie can you please make another room in Mia’s house for Ava her little sister who has came out in the more newer sets because it wouldn’t be fair for Daniel to get a room and Ava not to.

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