I hope you enjoy watching this video just as much as I enjoyed making it 😘


– Silk blouse:

– Pink shirt:

– Black turtle neck:

– Puff sleeve blouse:

– Jeans:

– Denim dress:

– Shirt dress:

– Chiffon floral dress:

– Satin dress:

– Dogtooth dress:

– Earrings:

– Trench:

– Boots:


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19 Replies to “IS IT MODEST? H&M TRY ON HAUL ♥️”

  1. The main purpose of hijab is to 'hide your beauty'….you are wearing a hijab, at the same time 'wearing makeup' and 'trying on cloths' trying to look pretty! Whom are you kidding…girl?

  2. I love your style, but I just wanted to let u know that real hijab the modest one isn't just clothes but also the scarf needs to covers all the neck and hair

  3. Why is your hair and neck outside are you really a Muslim have seen how the Lebanese wear so decent

  4. I respect your consistency and keeping your eye on the goal.. in the era of hijab coming out of fashion, you kept it real and stuck by your deen 💜 I truly how you improved towards the deen and modest fashion. You are evolving 💕

  5. Thank you for sharing this with is. Im a convert and I find it difficult what clothes to ware specially in the summer

  6. Does anyone else get a young Catherine Zeta-Jones vibe from her? 🤷‍♀️

  7. I wish you would say full cover instead of modest. Modest a) means nothing. What is modest for somebody will not be modest to somebody else, it depends so much on person and their culture. In Western culture short sleeved shirt and knee long skirt is modest, in Saudi Arabia it's scandalous. It's not objective. b) It implys that peope (women in this case) who show more skin are immodest, which implys something bad about them. Like if any of it makes any sense. Women in tribes in warm countries, let's say Fiji, walk topless since always and their men don't even think of breasts as something sexual, it's a thing to feed babies – it's normal. Everybody should wear whateer they like in my opinion, but that word "modest"… Let's not imply that sexualising female bodies to the point that we require them to cover from head to toe makes us better.

  8. hello habiba, can you please link the other jeans you are wearing throughout the video please, not the mom jeasn.

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