Is moldy food really that dangerous? (We're not sure, but don't risk it.)

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2019 literature review on the migration of mycotoxins within moldy food:

2020 literature review on workplace mycotoxin exposure, particularly mill workers:

WHO fact sheet on mycotoxins:

2015 WHO book on mycotoxin exposure in the food supplies of poor countries:

11 Replies to “Is moldy food really that dangerous? (We're not sure, but don't risk it.)”

  1. The many times I've sliced the mold off some cheese and ate the rest never bothered me. Now the whole bread thing. I… I need a microscope in the kitchen. Bloody hell.

  2. Just how old is that bread? I’ve seen that same loaf in like 3 other videos before this one.

  3. This was informative. I’ve never looked up mold related stuff but when this popped up in my recommended and it was you I knew to click. Great Vid!!!!

  4. Is anyone else utterly terrified of mold? To the point of jerking away uncontrollably when it catches you by surprise? Even in a video?
    I watched all this. Except when my hand flew in front of the screen when mold was on it. I'll probably have moldy nightmares tonight.

  5. This guy’s arms getting more swoll every time someone clicks his vids?

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