21 Replies to “IS THIS LIST RIGHT?! Blindly Ranking Sandwiches!! #shorts #sandwich #food #ranking #blind”

  1. "No utility outside breakfast"
    Man, i could go for a bacon egg and cheese at 8am or 8pm, that shit's the best.

  2. Absolutely disgusting ranking!

    1. PB&J
    2. Grilled Cheese
    3. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese
    4. Cheese Steak
    5. Hot Dog

  3. What kinda city slicker are you to where you call a hotdog a sandwich!

  4. His list was literally in the exact opposite order of what it should’ve been

  5. My blind ranking is 1. Philly 2. Bacon egg cheese 3. Hotdog 4 PBJ 5. Grilled cheese. ????

  6. The only way that hotdogs can be a sandwich is if you cut the bread open in the back

  7. Bro put bread and cheese over bread, cheese eggs, and bacon. Like how does that work?

  8. hot dog isn't even a fuckin sandwich and you're throwing pbnj at 5??? nah we're putting you in the contraption

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