Is this “Resin Curing Machine” a Ripoff?

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13 Replies to “Is this “Resin Curing Machine” a Ripoff?”

  1. I do my resin in the basement and I have to keep a space running when I'm curing because it's a bit chilly down there. The hear so speeds up the process a bit, not as fast as the pieces you did but still faster than normal

  2. This video reminded me that I’ve been meaning to make banana chips for five years

  3. I love how Evan looks at Katelyn while she's explaining on the background.
    That's couple goals right there.
    Keep up the awesome stuff guys, love ya ❤️

  4. A tip i picked up a while back, I wanna say it was Bill Doran, but a way to make your resin kick faster (and still cure clear af) is to pre-warm your part a and b in hot water. Not quite boiling, or tepid–hot. so around 170-200 degrees.

    I did this with my art n glow resin (which is a 24 hour set time (72 hours 'cured')

    and my piece fully hardened and set within just 12 hours, 100% clear and crystalline.

    it wasn't a big pour and there weren't any places in my mold for bubbles to get trapped but you can absolutely make your resin kick faster by pre-heating your resin so it reaches the needed temp to start the reaction.

    The big thing i imagine these dehydraters are doing as well is keeping the temp regulated thru airflow. that'd be my guess at least.

  5. I know you jumbled "science adjacent" and "resin time" as a joke, but this actually was, 100% "resin adjacent science time" and i love that nane

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